Zoralia was once a whole nation, existing in relative peace with the two military forces, The Order of Bahamut and The Flames of Pelor, protecting the shores of the profitable island nation. However, five hundred years ago, The Order of Bahamut was all but wiped out when their citadel was taken by a rogue sorcerer named Tai’Rul during the Festival of Unity. With most of the holy order out on duty, Tai’Rul’s minions swiftly overcame the weaker guards. Upon returning to the citadel, The Order was fired upon by the citadel’s weaponry and sending the survivors into hiding in the nearest forests. For five hundred years, the amount of undead on the eastern side of the island has been steadily growing, and the waters surrounding the eastern side are filled with fearsome creatures. Travelling past the Crosscutter Mountains is prohibited, and soldiers of The Flames of Pelor watch over the border, defending the western island from all threats.

Liberation of Zoralia